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The Ann Sacks Tile We Selected For My Kitchen

Ann Sacks recently shared our work on their Instagram page! We chose their Duet Field Tile for the backsplash in my own kitchen project. We love not only the hexagon shape but the texture and dimension of each unique tile as well. This is a porcelain tile- so it can be used in many applications including walls and floors. Porcelain tile is denser and less porous than ceramic tile, so it's great for high use a kitchen backsplash. At MB Interiors we are obsessed with materials, I even teach a materials & installations class at Santa Barbara City College! Tile is obviously one of the more fun and exciting materials to choose, it is a selection that can really make a big impact or wow factor in the space. We went ahead and left the hexagon pattern with a "raw" edge at the top of the wall, just another detail that makes this a unique and interesting design.



We decided to make the design even more unique by adding copper Schluter strips in between some of the tiles (notice the tile behind the plant on the shelf in the photo on the left, or the one behind the blue vase in the photo on the right) for a subtle impact that tied in with the use of cooper in other areas in the kitchen. We get questions about this decision all the time so we thought we'd answer some for you!

What is a Schluter strip? Typically it is a finishing edge for tile, used on the outside edges to protect the tile and finish off the look or transition to another type of material. We decided to use it as an accent in between the tiles.

Where do you get Schluter strips? You can get it at any hardware store, tile store, etc. It comes in a variety of colors. We got ours at Home Depot.

How was it installed? Our tile installer was a bit apprehensive about this decision, as the cuts around a hexagon share are very technical, but we talked it over and worked out the angels together. **Tip** We also laid the pattern out on the floor first to be sure everything looked balanced, then took a photo for the installer to replicate.

We are SO happy with the final results and could not be happier with the outcome.

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