• Michelle Beamer

Rue Magazine Feature!

It was fun to collaborate with Rue Magazine and Ivy and do an interview about our experience in working with Ivy, the interior design project management system that we use in our office. We have used IVY since they started, it has grown into a great resource and supportive community that we love.

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The interview process was fun! Rue interviewed two other designers besides me, it was interesting to hear other designers' perspectives and see a glimpse into how they run their businesses. I have had the pleasure of making friends with many other Ivy designers, as well as Ivy staff, and we look forward to connecting with the ladies who I shared this interview with someday soon.

On the day the article was released we were pleasantly surprised to see that Rue chose an image of my work to be featured on their Instagram page to promote the article! Thank you @ruemagazine!

Image Credit: @ruemagazine Instagram Photography: @trevortondro Designer: MB Interiors

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