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My Five Favorite Things This Summer

Things are super busy already this summer at MB Interiors! School's out so it makes things a little less structured--time to enjoy the summer, whether that's at home or on vacation! I enjoy staying on top of trends whether it be design, fashion, technology, etc. (Luckily I have 3 young boys to keep me in the loop!) My friends and clients are often asking me about my finds so I thought I'd share some recent favorites with you all.

#1: My entire family is obsessed with these Birkenstock "Essentials- Arizona Slide Sandal". They are super light and comfy. Our only complaint is that they don't make the hot pink in large sizes for boys! So they settled for Silver and Green. I went with white, the perfect summer sandal. (I wash them with Dawn when I get beach tar on them....gotta keep the whites white!)

#2: I am loving this Ava Wall Sconce from Lostine Lighting right now. Isn't it just SO cool?? The wood, the brass, the leather shade--just the right combo of textures in an industrial-luxe look. This one comes in a hardwired version if you're not into hanging cords. This hanging twisty cord is cute and looks intentional, which works for me! I want to use these as bedside lamps, or I could see them in a cozy breakfast nook. These work with any color scheme and they would be happy installed on patterned or textured wallpaper. 

#3: I had a blast doing a photoshoot in my kitchen for the blog Kitchn ( When I posted a picture of the shoot on my Instagram page the number one question I got was "where are your overalls from?!"...well surprise...they aren't overalls! It is an apron I got from Diani Living, one of my favorite boutiques here in Santa Barbara. Diani actually partnered with Citizens of Humanity to make this apron, very exciting for them! I'm excited to use it this summer for BBQ's and entertaining.

#4: I recently purchased an Ipad Pro 12.9, it is truly amazing and has already become an invaluable tool for my business. If you are considering one for yourself the Apple Pencil is key, I have not even touched a keyboard! Of course, it's all about the apps and for my design work, I use the apps Morpholio Trace, Morpholio Journal, Morpholio Boards and PDF Expert. I use Trace to lay virtual tracing paper over a floor plan or elevation and then I can draw designs on "top" of it, you can draw over photos too. I use Journal to do sketchbook stuff, keep time, take notes at meetings. You can change the "paper" page by page to whatever you want--lines, dots, graph, checklists, or blank. SUPER cool. I use Boards to do mood boards--photo-collaging my concepts for clients. I can mark-up Pdfs that I make in pdf expert, or just edit screenshots--you can use the pencil to write or draw on them. So much easier! Sometimes I resist technology, because I love putting pen to paper, and this is the perfect solution for me!

#5: I just bought this Tysa Sonoma Playsuit from Jake & Jones and I love it and already feel like I need it in another color. I felt as comfortable walking around in it on a trip to LA as I did wearing it over my suit at the pool! So comfy and it has pockets! 

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