• Michelle Beamer

Hawai'i Hōʻailona (Hawaii Inspiration)

I had never been to Hawai’i before and what inspired me was surprising. Specifically, we went to Maui. The rocks made by lava and moved by tectonic shifts are so chunky and textural. Then there’s the subtlety of colors and the lovely diffused pastel sunsets. Sure the flowers are amazing, but I expected that, and coming from Santa Barbara, well, I’m sort of used to it. . .

So I decided to put together some of my favorite images and design a bedroom. This is a personal Hawai’i color/texture story. I wanted the result to be emotionally evocative of a singular experience of a place. So personal that each item’s shape, color or texture lives as a reminder of their time on the island. It’s not literal, not tropical, per se—except for the channeled “shell” headboard—I wanted the design to be able to live just about anywhere and remain a mysterious vision—a manifestation of a magical time, in a magical place.


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