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Countertops- Why I Chose Marble For My Kitchen

Countertops! This decision is agonizing, isn’t it? I get a lot of questions about my kitchen since it was published in Better Homes & Gardens Magazine. Natural stone, quartz, granite, cement? Having choices just sucks, right?! The first question you have to ask is: “Do my countertops have to look the exact same from the moment they are installed?” Answer that and you can rule out a couple options. Thus— less choices, yay! You can’t always use cost as a guide because what you’d think would be expensive is not, and vice-versa...argh, again! I know. Hint: if you answered Yes, rule out natural stone and focus on engineered or quartzite, which is not a miniature form of quartz. Answered “no” —you should check out natural stone—the material will get spots, wear marks, it looks cool (once you get the first ten dings under your belt) and has a beautiful patina. Think every counter surface in Italy. And natural stone is just freaking beautiful. Like stunningly, heart-meltingly gorgeous.

We chose calacatta gold, a natural marble, which is pretty darn low on the (MOHS) hardness scale—yep that exists! Diamond (10) is the hardest, and quartz is high up (8-9) as is granite. Limestone and marble are around 3-4 out of ten. So marble is a choice for SOME people, but not all. The softness of the material is why these feel so good to the touch. Fortunately, there’s a ton of amazing quartzite and engineered choices out there and they are getting better and better.

Even though we have marble, I don’t really worry (anymore) about stains or Brittany the chicken who pooped on the marble after this shot. However we do freak out about citrus/acid, as that can eat through the surface. Like when Oliver here made some lemonade last year! But you know, I’ll always remember the time he lemonade with his grandma in this exact spot. And you can’t see it, right?! Life, whattya gonna do?

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