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It is a great privilege to collaborate with clients to create original work together. We would love to help you make your home more beautiful.

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"I needed a piece of furniture. It was not there, so I designed it" .   -Florence Knoll

Michelle Beamer started her full-service design firm after studying interiors and decorative arts at George Washington University and The Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC. She's crazy about beautiful things and has extensive knowledge of construction, furniture and cabinet design and she is also a faculty member of the Interior Design department at Santa Barbara City College.


What is meaningful to the client drives the concept of each space.

Whether the project is a total renovation or interior decoration/color consultation, the first step is finding out what the client is passionate about. This can involve anything from culture/ancestry, vacations, to concept photos, favorite colors, textiles, objects and art. By using these personal items and asking the right questions, together, the overall concept is devised that informs the entire space and project.


"I have a definite style, but because I’m working with different clients, I’m always surprised by the magic of collaboration. It’s infinitely better than what I alone could come up with."   

A solid concept is the structure that supports all design decisions. It becomes a mode of communication across all disciplines working on the project. Once everyone has embraced the concept, design decisions are easier to make and are less overwhelming. The entire process goes smoother. It’s easy to love five tile samples, but do they all fit the concept? Probably not.

Collaboration. Creativity. Attention to detail. 


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Thank you for getting in touch! We will get back to you as soon as possbile!

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